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You get these free if your Apostle has a mark. winner in the 9th Edition points updates and absolutely rip now. This is the least exciting buff, but lowkey the most useful, since it helps your Apostle stay in lockstep with some of the units you’ll likely want to be buffing if you want his aura buffing units that are going to be getting stuck in for melee combat. Overall the Hell Talon seems to be bringing less to the table than the Hell Blade and so there’s not much room for it even at a reduced cost. The models come unpainted and unassembled. Like litanies, prayers succeed on a 3+, but this can be improved to a 2+ by spending 10 points on a couple of Dark Disciples, something you’re always going to want to do. – The priest regains D3 lost wounds. Chaos Space Marines NIB. When fighting an IMPERIUM unit in melee, a hit roll of a 6+ gives the attacker an additional attack with the same weapon. Goatboy here again and until we get an updated Chaos Space Marine codex I can convincingly say that most Chaos Players need to look at the Decimator. Obliterators almost always want to have the Mark of Slaanesh so they can double up on shooting and they also really want to be targets for, The Iron Warriors have a few neat tricks to improve them, but they work pretty well in Alpha Legion or even Black Legion, where Abaddon’s full re-rolls aura helps them greatly. It gets to immediately shoot again. The Obliterator and Mutilator re-rolls are theoretically useful, but both of those units are usually teleporting in and will be far away from a footbound Master of Possession. The big drawback to them is that the Master of Possession himself is unable to take a jump pack or teleport in, so these powers are severely limited by how far you can move the caster. On a 4+ the unit takes 3D3 mortal wounds. The downside is that you are going to forget it exists because there’s no card for it. You’re gonna be facing some rough uphill battles if you run into them, especially if you’re also running psykers and can’t use Abhor the Witch to score easy points against them. The set includes the following multipart plastic kits: - 1x Master of Possession (supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base) The triple whammy of losing Specialist Detachments, the addition of the Desperate Breakout Stratagem and the impact of Blast means that Possessed have plunged from being one of the best units in the army to a fringe choice at best. Tough call. On the downside, they all have the Martial Legacy rule now, making it so that including them in a detachment increases its cost by 1 CP. Master the fell warriors of the Daemonkin – warp-tainted Chaos Space Marines infused with daemonic power – and unleash their fury on the battlefield with this Start Collecting! Note that, unlike with Space Marines, not all legion rules are fully faction-locked. They got a bit of a boost when they came out of the 9th edition points update virtually untouched and with the ability to shoot their excrutiator cannons while in combat. The Storm Eagle is a very expensive flying transport and while it got a little tougher in the Imperial Armour Compendium, going to 18 Wounds and uh, 6 attacks for some reason, at 335 points before you give it the Multi-meltas it really needs it’s too expensive to really consider as a transport, even if it can hold 20 models. At 125 points per model and 9 Wounds with Disgustingly Resilient and a BS of 3+, these are fast, durable DAEMON ENGINES that can output a surprising amount of firepower while moving 14” (their Bile Maws are no longer pistol weapons) and they’re not terrible in melee either. On a Sorcerer with a jump pack, you can have this reliably within 3″ of any unit you need it for all game long. Chaos Space Marines have access to a single Fortification. Since the Chaos Lord on Bike is now a Legends option, if you want a Chaos Lord who can keep up with a squad of bikes, this is basically your primary option. Having to use a Lord of War slot on this is, obviously, kind of terrible, but it’s also extremely hilarious, and has been pushed hard. Some of these ratings may seem off if you’re used to playing against Thousand Sons, who can also use these. The good news is that you can mitigate this by taking a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour, which gives him the ability to teleport into battle, +1 wound, a 2+ save, and a 5+ invulnerable save, making them much more durable and giving them some better shooting options. Dark Apostles aren’t exactly big melee fighters, what with their 3 Attacks at S5. They’re still the cheapest troop choice if you need to fill out a patrol, and there’s still something to the idea of running a lot of them with Abaddon, gumming up the board with endless fearless bodies. The Decimator has a lot of value to offer in this new, beefier iteration. Note that legion relics are not locked to legion detachments — even those in Faith and Fury can be taken for a character as long as the Warlord is a Chaos Space Marines character (you don’t need a legion detachment). That unit can immediately move as if it were the Movement phase. You still probably want the Autocannon most of the time because it’s cheaper, but the Baleflamer will help you a lot more if you’re running Red Corsairs Lords Discordant who can advance and charge. Try to build an army that will reliably be able to score at least two secondaries regardless of the opponent or situation, and then make your third pick contingent. Use at the end of a Fight phase after one of your non-Daemon characters kills an enemy Character, Vehicle, or Monster. Unfortunately 9th edition doesn’t really want what they’re trying to do, so even though they’re reasonably costed at 155 points with two Hades autocannons and an Ectoplasma cannon, more melee-capable daemon engines are better options. This power is very good, especially now that modifiers are capped at +/-1. Each Dark Apostle comes with an OK melee statline (WS 2+, 4 Wounds, 3 attacks), a 4+ invulnerable save, an accursed crozius, and an aura that lets him share his Leadership with nearby units, which can be handy for keeping cultists on the table. Lords Discordant in particular enjoy having 9 Strength on the Charge and 8 afterward, and the extra Attack is especially meaningful when it can also proc additional attacks thanks to the. They can be particularly nasty in Alpha Legion armies, where they can Fall Back and shoot with Feigned Retreat, or in Iron Warriors, where they can use Tank Hunters to re-roll wounds against vehicles. Chaos Space Marines look like Marines, but don’t let that fool you: They lack many of the tricks that Space Marine armies have, with none of the benefits of Doctrines nor the 2-wound resilience and they tend to have less range and shooting prowess. Otherwise, it’s situationally OK on Possessed or Bikes, and you’ll usually want to spend your CP elsewhere. At this time Horus, the Warmaster of the Imperial forces and Primarch of the XVI Legion, the Luna Wolves, (which the Emperor all… are less competitive but for 160 points, you get 8 S7 AP-2 D2 shots that hit on a 3+ with a body that has a 5+ invulnerable save and can heal, and you can get that to a 2+ with a little help. – is the only place you can find the Psyker-specific Warlord Traits for Chaos Space Marines. rule for their trouble, increasing the cost of fielding them by 1 CP. The Decimator has 5 Attacks base, plus 1 if it charges, and plus one more if you give it two melee weapons, each of which will have a 2-damage Hellfflamer tucked inside it. They make great targets for Prescience and Warp-Sight Plea. Basically, what Abaddon has with Drach’nyen, and like with Drach’nyen, many of the Daemon Weapons have abilities that key off the roll. – The priest can Advance and Charge in the same turn. They have the option of a Hades Autocannon or a Baleflamer but at BS 4+ and 5 points cheaper the Baleflamer is the better option. The Blood Slaughterer got an update to a newer, cheaper form in Imperial Armour Compendium and although it’s now sporting 1 less wound (with a static profile to show for it), it’s just as fast, more accurate, and nearly as deadly in melee while being 40 point cheaper. That ends up leaving the Word Bearers as the main place you can get some mileage out of a mid-sized unit simply because of the ability to slam the “damage 2” button whenever relevant. We’re not going to waste time talking about the Warhound, Reaver, and Warlord titans here. Fury of Khorne lets you fight again at the end of the Fight phase. That’s hilariously strong but having a sword that only works on one character and is terrible everywhere else just isn’t a great strategy. It also means you need a way to clear enemies off an objective. No longer sporting a reaper autocannon profile, the flyer’s base Twin hellforged autocannons now fire at 48″ Heavy 4 S7 AP-1 2 damage, making them significantly better despite the reduced shots, and the upgrade to Quad Heavy bolters is worth considering. Marks also fuel the army’s ability to soup with Chaos Daemons, as they help set up some of the cross-faction synergies. . They have. New 40k Kill Team Unboxing and Painted Terrain. The upside is that this means you can get a lot more value out of fewer berserkers – a squad of five sword + axe berserkers with a lightning claw champion will put in enough work to kill most things it charges fighting twice. In reality, it’s slow, hard to rely on, and it requires you spend points and time on a character not moving and fighting in order to put a unit on the table you still had to pay points for, and most of the time you’re better off just taking a Daemons Detachment and putting the units you want into the Warp before the game with the appropriate Stratagem. There are several powers, relics, and Stratagems which are only available to devotees of a particular Chaos god, and some Legion traits require that your whole army be devoted to a specific god. He’s got the same profile as a Sorcerer, but is locked into taking a force staff and instead of knowing two powers from the Dark Hereticus Discipline, knows and can cast two powers from the Malefic Discipline. The downside is that it requires you moving up and getting in with your Dark Apostle, which is a lot tougher than hanging back and dropping Warp-Sight Plea and Benediction of Darkness. One of two serious combat monsters that Chaos Space Marines have access to in the HQ slot (along with Lords Discordant), Daemon Princes – almost always taken with wings – are combat blenders that combine a great statline – S7, T6, and a 3+ save – with 8 wounds, meaning they can sit comfortably behind other units and out of harm’s way until you need them to jump over both screens and tear something up. Many armies in 9th want something moderately durable that’s happy to chill out on a backfield objective, and there are worse things to fill than duty than one of these. They’re particularly nasty in Night Lords armies, where they can be used to activate Vox Scream for pretty much any enemy unit on the table at any time. Their only major downside is that they only have 4 base attacks, but they benefit from both. The randomness used to make this a bit questionable, but as of WoTS he can bring along a Surgeon Acolyte, who lets him add or subtract one from that roll. Free shipping. ability, which gives him a 6″ Heroic Intervention if he can use it to get within 1″ of an enemy character. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. – Pick a friendly unit within 6″. This is a really good boost for your melee units, and will do wonders on large squads of Possessed or Berserkers. They’re not completely worthless at this cost, merely not great. Since the release of Vigilus Ablaze, Chaos Space Marines have had access to Prayers to the Dark Gods, a series of buffs and debuffs that they can call upon during games. Don’t worry about the guns on these – treat them like a melee threat and if they manage to hit something shooting well, that’s an added bonus. Get +1 to your Psychic tests when attempting to manifest Smite. Chaos Space Marines warlords have access to 6 generic traits in the codex, plus a set specific to legions that were reprinted in Faith and Fury along with new legion-specific traits, so we’ll talk about those later on. If you’re taking them, run Lasher Tendrils – they need the extra attacks. The rest of the Chaos HQ choices aren’t really worth talking about at length; we talk about the special characters in their relevant legion sections –. Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines! Warhammer 40,000 Start Collecting! One more thing to note is that Daemon Princes can take a ranged weapon (there’s no model for this) – the Warp Bolter. Once per battle, you can re-roll a failed Psychic test or Deny the Witch attempt. First up, they get 8″ Movement, which is great, and helps them to make use of their strong melee options, mostly the power scourge, which gives them a healthy number of attacks. As a faction, Chaos Space Marines have access to some of the best melee units in the game, including Possessed, Berserkers, and Daemon Princes, and access to some great psychic powers, but tend to fall short when it comes to options for mobility and shooting options – most CSM transport options are ove… Note that you choose a target for them, 9th edition was a boon for Defilers, where the combination of. If a Psyker Character is your Warlord, you can generate a trait for him from this table instead of the of the one in Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Chaos Space Marine armies have access to a large variety of subfactions, each with their own special rules called. That being said, other chunky threats and Daemon Engines look a lot better in 9th, making a single one a more defensible choice. In all, you want these when you know you’ll be going up against infantry, and that means they’re good against marines, particularly since they’re 2 damage They aren’t quite as much of a relative boost thanks to the buff to lightning claws, but they’re more useful given how the meta has shifted. A great way to boost the shooting efficiency of a unit, and a good supplement/redundancy to Prescience on a Sorcerer. Check out those pages by clicking on the links in the “Legions of Chaos” section. They’re a powerful but extremely fragile glass cannon, and can only really work in a faction that can have them reliably make a charge after arriving on the table (Night Lords, Emperor’s Children). , and in particular many of the best CSM units for melee do not particularly work well when the focus of melee combat is removing an enemy from an objective and holding it afterward. The Dark Hereticus discipline is the stronger of the two and available to most of your psykers, while the Malefic discipline is only available to Masters of Possession. S User, AP -3 and D3 damage seems pretty meh compared to other relics. Sorcerers have a great set of powers to choose from but can be a little fragile, with only 4 wounds and a 3+ save and no invulnerable, they’ll die pretty quick if they’re ever caught in the open or forced to fight in melee combat. Daemon Weapons are basically Relic weapons except they have the. Scourge of a thousand tables. You’ll usually want either a Patrol or Battalion in your army and these are OK to fill the mandatory slots there (and can be worth taking in greater numbers in Alpha Legion, Creations of Bile, or Red Corsairs) but otherwise they’re functional but unexciting. The theoretical upside to summoning is that you can pick a unit at the moment you summon, giving you a lot of possibilities and the ability to pick a unit that will fit your current situation and opponent. Alpha Legion works best for this, but you can get up to some fun shenanigans with the Iron Warriors’ Dour Duty Stratagem, which can combine with the Bastion Warlord trait to get you to functionally ignoring AP-3 on 1 damage shooting weapons. A long time staple of the Chaos roster, Fabius Bile got a new model and a big old upgrade as of War of the Spider. Most of the prayers are very good, and give you a lot of utility. Unfortunately, almost all of the Chaos Space Marine transports are terrible. Chaos Marine 2e. An area where the Chaos Space Marines army really shines is in the HQ slot, where it has a number of strong choices that can be built into real melee blenders. Fundamentally there are a few ways to run Decimators: may be more expensive (180) but the ability to throw out 4D3 mortal wounds at 24″ is pretty nasty, and there aren’t a lot of targets in the game that won’t be relevant for. Because of this and their overall power level, the powers you can pull off here make a Chaos Sorcerer or two basically auto-includes in Chaos Space Marine armies, and worth splashing in a sorcerer or two in a Death Guard army. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. If a Psyker Character is your Warlord, you can generate a trait for him from this table instead of the of the one in Codex: Chaos Space Marines. This article took me three weeks to write and ended up being more like a short novel in length, so there’s probably something I missed or didn’t get right. Chaos Space Marines require more books to play competitively than any other faction, even loyalist marines. This is really only going to matter on Sorcerers and Masters of Possession (Daemon Princes can still take this but all they get is +1 Strength, though that’s not nothing), and most of the time you won’t want to focus on making those better at melee when they could be better at casting. KHORNE model only. Daemon Weapons are a set of five relics that can be taken by Characters in any Chaos Space Marines army; four are dedicated to a specific Chaos god (and keyword-locked), and the fifth is open to Chaos undivided. Note that units arriving as Reinforcements can’t make a Normal/Fall Back/Advance move or Remain Stationary, so this won’t do much for them, but even with that limitation this is still one of the strongest powers in the game. Easy to cast, targeted mortal wounds. There are a few army-wide special rules that Chaos Space Marines have access to regardless of which legion they hail from or which god they’ve devoted themselves to. It’s very easy to build a Chaos Space Marine army that can wreak absolute havoc once it reaches the enemy. Being able to up the wound output of a large unit of Bikers, Obliterators, Havocs, Berserkers, or Possessed makes them an incredibly lethal force, and it’s amazing when combined with Stratagems that let you shoot or fight twice, so you can double your return on CP investment. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. plus they come with a power axe, flamer, and meltagun, making them dangerous at close range, but their primary asset is being one of the cheapest HQs in the army. They can take special weapons, but their real value is most likely as a 15-model blob sporting chainswords. **Chaotic** My review of the entire new Chaos Space Marines model range, from Games Workshop. Normally, there isn’t a really compelling reason to take Rubric Marines in a Chaos Space Marines army; they’re not quite good enough without the crazy help you get from the new Stratagems that Thousand Sons got for them in Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned. Warp Talons had a brief time in the sun following the release of Faith and Fury but since the 9th edition Munitorum Field Manual points update have become far too expensive for what they provide, even with the buff to lightning claws. A bigger, meaner version of the Dreadclaw, but can carry up to 20 INFANTRY models instead (or one helbrute or chaos dreadnought), and mounts the equivalent of 10 missile launchers for some reason. Instead, we’ll cover each section with a general discussion of the good units, relics and stratagems, point out any traps, and then discuss how these pieces fit into a competitive army. Faith and Fury gives you a few ways to upgrade them, giving them relics that can replace either talons (like the Rapacious Talons) or a Hellforged Sword/Daemonic Axe. They have some added utility now that they can take AP-1 Astartes chainswords, and generally even small squads will be better off taking these over boltguns, where 5-10 S4 AP0 shots won’t do much for you, but generally how useful they are will depend on the legion you’re taking them in. Summoning isn’t that common, but it has seen a bit more play in 9th Edition because it gives you some flexibility. This is a helpful ability for protecting a key Nurgle unit, but diminished in power in 9th edition since modifiers to hit no longer stack past -1. Now sitting at 135 points, it’s a more attractive option than it was before if you need a cheap unit to score Engage on All Fronts. We don’t expect these to survive the next Thousand Sons Codex release, however. Cypher has a really cool model, and his pistols are neat. This is both because they can occupy a Troops slot and also because Emperor’s Children have the, Stratagem, which adds 1 to the damage of a squad’s sonic weapons, dramatically boosting their output and making it well worth it to have a single squad of 18-20 that can fire twice on loud mode with, OK, but here’s the thing: None of those fancy new Stratagems are legion-locked; instead they affect RUBRIC MARINES specifically, meaning that you can take a Supreme Command Detachment of Thousand Sons filled with Sorcerers and Daemon Princes that gives you access to Thousand Sons Stratagems, then take a squad of Thousand Sons in say, an Alpha Legion detachment (where they get the legion trait of being -1 to be hit) and then still have access to the Thousand Sons stratagems to teleport them into the battlefield, ). Built using WordPress. On the other hand, it’s a hard feat to pull off, the risk is too high, and most of the buffs don’t matter that much if they happen that late in the game. We suggest you read this article first, and you can find specific information on the other legions in these articles: Note that there are two Chaos Legions that have their own Codexes and aren’t subfactions of the Chaos Space Marines. The bigger, meaner cousin of the Death Guard Foetid Blight-Drone. In theory this allows you to be very versatile, making game-time decisions on what buffs you want to have for a unit. Warhammer 40k Army Tier List - April 2020 - *Strongest armies in the game! They’ve got a solid melee profile, sporting 4 attacks base and the ability to wield a variety of wargear. These ratings reflect the use of these powers in Chaos Space Marine detachments. This is a pretty marginal power – doing 1 mortal wound instead of D3 when you could be Smiting an enemy within 2″ isn’t the best deal even if you get D3 back, and there just aren’t enough reasons to jump through the hoops to get the full 3 by hurting your Warpsmith, especially because he can already be healing daemon engines himself. The value changes for them because of their range and cast boosts, plus the sheer number of slots they need to fill. They can take special weapons, but their real value is most likely as a 15-model blob sporting chainswords. – The Priest gets +2 Toughness. They’re all also locked to the caster’s , meaning they can’t affect other Chaos Factions’ units, and aren’t suitable for mixing legions. Replaces a power axe with one that is S+3, AP-3, D3 damage and gives the bearer Kharn’s ability, i.e. Use just before a Heretic Astartes character fires a bolt pistol, boltgun, combi-bolter, or a bolter in a combi weapon. Use at the start of your Psychic phase to replace a power on any Heretic Astartes Psyker with one from the Dark Hereticus discipline. (T) makes him a way more interesting choice, held back only by there not being that many units you really want to apply this sort of buff to. Like litanies, prayers succeed on a 3+, but this can be improved to a 2+ by spending 10 points on a couple of Dark Disciples, something you’re always going to want to do. We’ve mentioned this above, but the Thousand Sons stratagems in Ritual of the Damned that affect RUBRIC MARINES are not locked to Thousand Sons units, so if you have a Thousand Sons Detachment and a Chaos Space Marines detachment with Rubric Marines in it, then you can use the Stratagems on those Rubric Marines, even if they’re say, Alpha Legion Rubric Marines enjoying that legion trait. Replaces a Nurgle model’s Power Fist. When cast, you can immediately attempt to summon a unit of DAEMONS to the battlefield using the Daemonic Ritual ability as if it were the Movement phase and when you do so, you roll 4 dice instead of 3 and can’t summon any mortal wounds as a result of doubles or triples. Lets you swing at S7, which is a strong upside against vehicles, and less useful against other targets since you were already S5. They can be particularly nasty in Alpha Legion armies, where they can Fall Back and shoot with, , or in Iron Warriors, where they can use, Previously unusable thanks to BS 4+, that’s not necessarily the kiss of death any more given that the. These guys were so powerful they had to be nerfed not one, not two, but three times over the course of 8th edition, and just when things had been re-adjusted back to moderately OK, 9th Edition put a vicious bullet in their head by hiking them to 6ppm. This can lead to some powerful combinations in soup armies, and tends to make up the backbone of strong competitive Chaos lists. A-, Emperor’s Children Sonic Dreadnought Credit: That Gobbo, Veterans of the Long War (1 CP). Check out the. The flyer also comes with 2 twin Hellstrike launchers that have a nice Heavy 2 S8 AP-3 3 damage profile and against other AIRCRAFT they do +1 damage and D3+3 damage. Although Dark Apostles have been around for a while, they didn’t become useful until the release of the second Chaos Codex/Vigilus Ablaze, when they received an update with the ability to chant Prayers to the Dark Gods. Now that powers and relics have to be on your army list, reserving some points to summon a cheap herald is a way to get some choice on the fly, and the cheap Daemons are all reasonably aggressively costed if you find yourself with nothing better to do with points you’ve kept.

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